Bongo and Sync Meetings

Bongo is a video conferencing and learning platform that allows students to interact with one another as well as their professors in a format that encourages active learning environments through collaboration, knowledge application and skill demonstration. Bongo syncs with Canvas, Bradley’s learning management system, making integration-access and gradebook-syncing possible as well. While this tool is incredibly useful for online and hybrid courses it also complements face-to-face classes as students will be able to use asynchronous video for self-assessment and peer review. See below for more great reasons to integrate Bongo into your classroom today.


  • Video Assignments: Bongo’s structured workflows leverage video technology to help instructors assess learners’ soft skill and knowledge at scale. After completing a video exercise students submit their recording for personalized coaching and feedback from their instructor and/or peers.
  • Oral exams: Learners are put on the spot to answer questions asynchronously and only have a limited time to respond.
  • Group projects: Learners collaborate synchronously or asynchronously to complete an end deliverable. Individuals have the ability to create milestones, evaluate their peers, meet with group members virtually, and compile all of their submissions with the project dashboard.
  • Student presentations: Learners create video presentations, submit documents, or complete sync activities such as a presentation with visual aids or playing a role within an instructor based construct.
  • Interactive Video: Learners answer multiple choice questions or submit video responses at different points throughout a video. This activity enables instructors to gauge comprehension and turn passive video consumption into an interactive experience.



  • Feeling of being more ‘involved’ in class
  • Opportunity to easily speak face-to-face with instructor
  • Valuable way to improve speaking communication/soft skills.


  • Increased synergy in online or hybrid courses
  • Implementation of the newest technology
  • Personal manner to provide feedback and coaching

Sample Activities

  • Conversation: Students participate in an asynchronous or synchronous conversation with one or more classmates.
  • Question and Answer: The Q and A activity involves the instructor pre-recording questions to ask students and giving students a few seconds to think about their responses before answering. Student recordings to multiple questions are combined into one recording.
  • Individual Video: Students submit a video to complete this activity. PowerPoint slides are available to add into this activity.
  • n-Class Video: For this activity, educators facilitate student recordings in the classroom.

Another significantly awesome function of Bongo is its live, synchronous meeting function. In addition to the functionality that has come to be expected on platforms like WebEx, Zoom, Meet and the like, a virtual whiteboard is available that allows presenters to showcase documents and edit them. This structure allows instructors to hold class, office hours, or individual appointments, as well as other uses. If professors grant permission, students can also use this meeting tool to touch base on group projects, to discuss classwork, or to get to know their classmates. The sky's the limit!

To learn more about this tool, we encourage you to contact our team at Please also check out the links below:

Bongo offers support via the Bongo website; here, you’ll navigate to the Submit a Request option in the top right corner. If you are within a Bongo activity, click on the dropdown list in the top left corner and choose the Support option.