Sociology is a dynamic and powerful tool to understand the way people organize themselves into families, groups, communities, cities and organizations, and societies. Our courses offer a range of methodologies and research techniques that can be applied in a variety of fields such as administration, criminal justice, the provision of medical care, guidance and counseling, and public policy. In addition, exposure to theoretical and methodological issues as well as to comparative, historical, and critical analyses provides those students who want to pursue graduate work with a strong academic background.

The sociology program makes a special effort to initiate students into a scholarly community that brings together a distinguished faculty, interested citizens and community leaders. The department sponsors lectures, organizes conferences, and participates in panel discussions on subjects of wide interest. Students also have an opportunity to participate in the Sociology Club, a forum that addresses pressing contemporary issues and provides opportunities for social activities and interaction.


First Day of Classes, Fall 2018 Semester

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