Master of Science in Game Design and Development

Building on the success of Bradley’s top-ranked undergraduate game design program, the game design and development master's program (M.S.) provides you with an intensive, real-world development experience culminating in publishing your own game. 

The program requires 30 credit hours and allows you to earn a master’s degree in one calendar year. You may also choose a game programming concentration for 31 credit hours.  

Preparing You for Success

The game design and development master's program uses a production-focused approach. Each cohort is built as a multidisciplinary game team, with students acting as artists, programmers, designers, UX, etc. Your experience simulates an industry development environment as you create your own game from scratch with regular feedback from established professionals currently working in AAA game development.  

By the time you graduate, your experiences include:

  • Forming your own corporation, setting up an office and working as a company inside the Interactive Media Department for the entire year
  • Developing your own game, from initial prototype to gold master
  • Receiving and incorporating regular feedback on process, methods and your project from working professionals across all disciplines of game development
  • Increasing your skills in the following areas:
  • Advanced design concepts
  • Agile development
  • Multidisciplinary communication
  • Collaboration
  • Project management
  • Scheduling
  • The publication process

Making Your Mark

Bradley’s game design and development master's program successfully prepares you to enter the workforce. Given the competitive job marketplace, the M.S. degree stands out amongst a sea of bachelor's degrees. Your portfolio benefits from a better-developed and more polished game than undergraduate projects. 

Graduate Program Requirements

  1. You must enroll in the program full time.
  2. You may not transfer graduate credit from another institution or program. 
  3. Undergraduate or additional graduate study may be necessary where deficiencies exist. The graduate faculty will make a collaborative decision regarding courses that fulfill specific deficiencies for you to continue in the program.
  4. All M.S. students undergo graduate faculty review for advancement to candidacy for M.S. degree after completion of 10 hours (one semester). 

Game Design & Development 

Required Courses

  • IM 526: Practicum - 2 hrs.
  • IM 580: Game Seminar - 6 hrs.
  • IM 588: Game Prototyping - 6 hrs.
  • IM 589: Game Production - 12 hrs.
  • IM 590: Game Post-Production - 4 hrs.

Total - 30 hrs.

Game Design & Development with Game Programming Concentration

The game programming concentration provides essential background, understanding, knowledge and skills in game programming and software design and development. The concentration consists of 31 semester hours of study including 28 semester hours of required courses and three (3) semester hours of elective courses as outlined below.

Required Courses

  • CIS 556: Game Engine Programming - 3 hrs.
  • IM 588: Game Prototyping - 6 hrs.
  • IM 589: Game Production - 12 hrs.
  • CS 590: Fundamentals of Software Engineering
    or CIS 575: Computer Information Systems Analysis, Design and Integration - 3 hrs.
  • IM 590: Game Post-Production - 4 hrs.

Elective courses (choose one)

  • CIS 546: Advanced Mobile Programming – 3 hrs.
  • CIS 559: Computer Game Capstone Project - 3 hrs.
  • CIS 697: Advanced Topics in Computer Information Systems - 3 hrs.
  • CIS 698: Directed Individual Studies in Computer Information Systems - 3 hrs.
  • CS 514: Algorithms - 3 hrs.
  • CS 591: Software Project Management - 3 hrs.

Total - 31 hrs.

Admission Requirements